Our Mission and Objectives

Our mission is to simplify and amplify the work of farmer/intermediator by adopting scientific methodology to provide location specific-timely actionable informationto increase farm productivity and maximize profitability.

Our Objectives are as follows

  • i) Establish agricultural data infrastructure incorporating several data, products and tools useful for overall agricultural stages.
  • ii) Remove technical and cultural barrier in the most simple and cost-effective way such that anyone can monitor real-time information from the farm.
  • iii) Empower extension worker to provide better recommendation to the farmer through our district level agriculture advisory services center.

Our Engagement




Community Centers


Re-skilled Youth




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what the user says

I have found GeoKrishi to have all the right tools necessary for farmers in all stages; from production to marketing. When my chillies were facing some serious issues, I had clicked the picture and sent it to GeoKrishi and they quickly identified the disease and provided an organic solution for it, which worked.

Ram Prasad Dahal

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To accelerate sustainable agriculture development via EMPOWERING FAMERS, and LOCAL SERVICE PROVIDERS, CREATE GREEN JOBS, and BUILD A NETWORK of next-generation AGRI-PRENEURS

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