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The scenario

Nepal has an immense diversity in terms of geographic, topographic and climatic conditions. However, intervention to increase crop productivity with pest/diseases control, randomly promote cash crop and over utilization of fertilizer are not sufficient in the context of changing climate, population growth and degradation of resources. More specifically and importantly, information such as bio-physical, climatic and agro economic information are useful but contextualize them to get the relevant information is harder to find.

Our Approach Enabling agriculture advisory service

We encompasses an array of collaborators and partners with inter-connected individuals such as extension workers as our representative and farmers/cooperatives as our distribution centers. In harmony with the strategies outlined in the Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS), Nepal and guided by the policies and priorities set by the municipality on the basis of Agriculture, Forests and Environment Committee (AFEC) recommendations, support would be provided to develop the capacity of the private and cooperative sectors to deliver agricultural extension and services, both as embedded services as well as standalone businesses.

Our approach in this project is to focus on service delivery mechanisms by empowering local networks of representatives who will work with our district advisory service center. We empower these local representatives by building their capacity with Geo-ICT agronomy tools so that they can better recommend farmers. They will use the knowledge gained to provide local farmers and other stakeholders with location specific, contextualized, appropriate and data driven information in local languages. By doing so, we aim to bridge the digital divide by addressing linguistic and cultural gaps. Further, costs can be saved by establishing a shared service model, hosted in partnerships with local organizations and district advisory service centers.


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