Who We Are

The Scenario

Nepal has an immense diversity in terms of geographic, topographic and climatic conditions. However, intervention to increase crop productivity with pest/diseases control, randomly promote cash crop and over utilization of fertilizer are not sufficient in the context of changing climate, population growth and degradation of resources. More specifically and importantly, information such as bio-physical, climatic and agro economic information are useful but contextualize them to get the relevant information is harder to find.


GeoKrishi provides an intelligent digital agriculture platform built to solve challenges faced by commercial and smallholder farmers. GeoKrishi applies a data-driven system approach to translate knowledge into actionable, timely and context-specific advisories, covering all stages of the crop value chain. 

For Whom?

Are you a Municipalities, farmer’s cooperative, part of a social group or a civil society, an agribusiness or Local extension service providers, local farm based SME’s, who faces obstacles in delivering value added services to farmer’s in their work due to lack of information delivering and the right monitoring, Evaluation and communication tools.


To accelerate sustainable agriculture development via empowering farmers and local service providers, create green jobs, and build a network of the next-generation Agri-prenuers.


  • Establish agricultural data infrastructure incorporating several data, products and tools useful for overall agricultural stages.
  • Remove technical and cultural barrier in the most simple and cost-effective way such that anyone can monitor real-time information from the farm.
  • Empower extension worker to provide better recommendation to the farmer through our district level agriculture advisory services center.

Our Integrated System Approach

We encompasses an array of collaborators and partners with inter-connected individuals such as extension workers as our representative and local municipalities, farmer based organisation (FBO) like cooperatives, agri-business and Agrovet as our distribution centers. In harmony with the strategies outlined in the Agricultural Development Strategy (ADS), Community Agriculture Extension Service Center (CAESC) , support would be provided to develop the capacity of the private and cooperative sectors to deliver agricultural extension and services, both as embedded services as well as standalone businesses.

 data-driven workflow image

"Eliminating Technical, Financial and cultural barriers in accessing, visualizing and disseminating agricultural advisories. "

Our innovation builds an inclusive digital agriculture enterprise based on five pillars, right content at the right time to right audiences for its right use delivered using right communication channOur solution stems on these pillars at each stage of its development. GeoKRISHI takes an integrated systems approach covering different agricultural stages (planning, preparation, organic farming inputs, safe and health food production, harvesting and post-harvesting) and of value chain through co-design of intelligent tools and business services in participatory approaches.

As per priority set by local needs GeoKRISHI establishes customized center(s) and build capacities of farmers group & cooperatives, local & provincial government, private & public service provider to deliver agriculture extension, both as embedded services as well as standalone businesses. GeoKRISHI’s strategy is to harness the potential of digital technologies and innovative extension services for agriculture development. Initially, a simple and low cost implementation strategy will be chosen so as to increase the chance of replication. The GeoKRISHI team and associated actors will work to inculcate a culture of data-driven solution that translate data into actionable, timely and context-specific information for smallholder farmers. GeoKRISHI will build sustainable capacity amongst government, enterprises cooperative and community level to plan and help to identify agriculture pocket area development & commercialization.