Farmer Based Enterprises, cooperatives, agri-business will receive access to a robust, user-friendly, and customized digital agriculture platform and its web version of the system. The farmers will able to use mobile apps as shown in the figure 3. to deliver time and contextualized information and advisories services. This system will provide real-time advisories and suggest best farming practices based on the unique needs and demands of every farmer registered. The bundled solutions include a series of ICT-based advisory services.

"GeoKrishi Farm" mobile app will provide access to crucial updates on market price, 5 day’s weather conditions or forecast, and existing information and tools like day-to-day farm activities or crop scheduling. In addition, customized recommendations are provided for each geotagged farm using a mobile app.

Similarly, "GeoKrishi Ext" is developed for agriculture extension or technician to monitor their respective farmers and access to advance analytics and tools.

  1. Geokrishi Farm

    It is a mobile app to provide access to timely and context-specific advisories to individual farmers.
  2. Geokrishi Ext

    It is an app and Web system for extension service provider to streamline communication, knowledge exchange, tracking progress of farmers and build loyalty.
  3. Geokrishi Enterprise

    a customisable web platform for operational and strategic decision making, tracking and monitoring collective progress, assess yield and risks, forecast productions, optimise aid disbursement, identify potential markets, activate collective buying and selling.
  4. Samuhik Bazar

    It is a B2B marketplace dynamic platform that promote collection product and efficient supply chain operation.


  1. 1. Platform as a Service (PaaS):

    GeoKrishi Platform as a service model targets municipalities, cooperatives and other private and public farmer-based organisation to revitalize and enable their advisory functions. It bundles with multiple farmer-facing services into an integrated solutions.

  2. 2. Data-driven solution and Intelligence

    Data intelligence service to evaluate crop suitability assessment, satellite based contingency planning, get market insights, product market assessment, evaluate business risks, develop insurance indices, sectoral challenges, trends and opportunity.
  3. 3. GeoKrishi Call Centre

    It is a three-tier support service to address issues faced by Farmers.

    Tier 1: Low-risk common challenges of farmers addressed directly by centre agents.

    Tier 2: Trained local leaders (technical certified e.g JTA) and lead farmers provides services through e-Chautari centres to local farmers.

    Tier 3: Novel and/or high risks issues address by a network of agriculture experts.

  4. 4. Managed Farm:

    Provided end-to-end farm managed services for commercial or demonstration purpose.