What Our Users Say

Hari Narayan Kushuwaha from Parsa says, “there was a problem in my tobacco for which I had consulted a local service provider but the problem seemed uncontrollable. Later I sent the query in Geokrishi farm app and after getting the suggestion from expert I did the same. The tobacoo recovered and gave even better production than previous years.” He has been using this app and getting benefitted.

— Hari Narayan Kusuwaha


“We got a chance to be a part of GeoKrishi training which helped us to learn new skills and technology in the agriculture field. Additionally, GeoKrishi provides us a golden opportunity to directly interact with the farmers by transferring our learning to them. I think the GeoKrishi app will help farmers with best management practices as many of them were following traditional practices. So, we can consider GeoKrishi as Farmer's friends as well as students like us as it has many of our subject content in a simple word which will easy to understand” shared with a big smile on her face

— Sarita Tharu, Student,

Shree Laxmi Secondary School at Kohalpur-02, Banke

After the training, I explored all the GeoKrishi farm app features and did some research at the local level to find out the farmer’s needs and the possibility of adoption rate in the farmers’ community. In the end, I decided to mobilize my students to enroll more farmers on the GeoKrishi farm app. So, I have taken the initiative to reach out to core farmers as I believe that GeoKrishi has a lot of benefits and services for those farmers.

— Bishal Pandey, Senior Agriculture instructor,

Shree Laxmi Secondary School at Kohalpur-02, Banke

Tuk Bahadur Bist said "Farmers can learn a lot after downloading the Geokrishi app. We can also click picture of the pest or disease in crops and send it through the app. We can get control measures for the same directly from the expert. I think the geokrishi training is very useful for the farmers."


— Tuk Bahadur Bist

Bijayanagar Rural Municipality, Bankhet