What Our Users Say

After Geokrishi training session in Dayanagar, a farmer, Bijaya Kumar says, "I attended a training today about Geokrishi. I was really impressed by the services we can get from the app. We can get information about what to grow, when to grow and how to grow a crop, also it guides us about fertilizer, water and inputs use. I will also teach my fellow farmers about this technology because this app assist us farmers in various aspects. .


— Bijaya Kumar

Kanchan Rural municipality, Dayanagar

One day while visiting my vegetable garden I have found a small black insect moving in radish leaf so I have clicked the pictures clearly and sent GeoKrishi via an app with its details. Within a few hours, I got my response and I was amazed the reply. The expert has first diagnosed crop symptoms and suggested the best management practices that I can apply to protect the crop. Then on, I have been using the GeoKrishi for technical assistance.

— Padami Kala Bam, Farmer

Kohalpur-01, Banke

Mr. Bhupendra Khatri said, “I use this application before going to agrovets for buying of agri inputs and even calculation of fertilizers and seed while buying it from the cooperative”. Also, he confess that GeoKrishi helped them to make a decision before, during and after planting of crops or livestock rearing.

— Mr. Bhupendra Khatri, Farmer and Member

Sana Kisan Krishi Sahakari Sanstha Ltd of Shantinagr-7 of Dang district

Mr. Dhan Oli is a farmer from Gurbhakot, Surkhet who have been using Geokrishi farm app. He has reared goat and also does cucurbits farming. In a conversation with him, he said "I had sent a query regarding my goat and cucumber through the app. After doing measures according to expert’s suggestion the problem was solved. I have been using the app regularly also for weather information. This app has been useful for solving the problems faced and also in decision making. ”

— Dhan Oli

Ghurbakot, Surkhet